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Utah Book Bloggers

Utah Book BloggersUtah not only has an amazing community of famous authors but it is home to a fantastic book blogging community.  To tell you the truth, I’m unaware of other states with such a high density of book bloggers.  We have two socials a year, one in the summer and one in the winter and often see each other at book signings.

You may track all of your favorite Utah Book Bloggers by subscribing to the shared RSS feed, following the Utah Book Community Twitter list, and checking out the Utah Book Bloggers group on the Book Bloggers Ning.

  1. Natasha at Maw Books (@mawbooks) – Me!
  2. Nancy at {A} Musing Reviews
  3. Booklogged at A Readers Journal (@booklogged)
  4. Julie at A Small Accomplishment
  5. Cindi at A Utah Mom’s Life
  6. Caitlin at All Things Print (@AllThingsPrint)
  7. Amy at Amy’s Haiku Haven (@haikuamy)
  8. Angie at Angieville (@angiebookgirl)
  9. Lynn at Barding Well (@bardingwell)
  10. Sheri at Belle’s Book Blog (@Bellesteacher)
  11. Ben at Ben Crowder (@bencrowder)
  12. Rachelle at Bibliobabe (@bibliobabeblog)
  13. Catie at BookBound (@meow_mix85)
  14. Shelley at Book Fanatic
  15. Holly at Book Harbinger (@hollybally)
  16. Cari at Book Scoops
  17. Sarah at Bookworm Blues (@BookwormBlues)
  18. Jennifer at Carbohydrates and Conjugations
  19. Lynn from Chronicle of an Infant Bibliophile (@I_bibliophile)
  20. Britt from Confessions of a Book Habitue (@bookhabitue)
  21. Wonder Bunny at Cookies, Books and Bikes
  22. Debbie at Cranberry Fries (@cranberryfries)
  23. Cherylynne at Room On the Shelf (@CherylynneWBago)
  24. Krista at CubicleBlindness Book Thoughts (@cubicleblindnes)
  25. Christy at Dearest Dreams (@dearestdreams)
  26. Emily from Emily’s Reading Room (@emsreadingroom)
  27. Rachel at Endless Reading (@rachelreading)
  28. Britten, Georgia, and Kirsten at Eve’s Fan Garden (@evesfangarden)
  29. Heather at Fire and Ice (@FireIcePhotos)
  30. Framed at Framed and Booked
  31. Heather at Gofita’s Pages (@gofita)
  32. Kim at Good Clean Reads (@GoodCleanReads)
  33. Kathy at I am a Reader, Not a Writer (@toobusyreading)
  34. Suey from It’s All About Books (@sueysays)
  35. Jenni at Jenni Elise (@jenni_elyse)
  36. Cindy at Kiss the Book
  37. Shanda, Sheila, Mindy and Hilary at LDS Women’s Book Review (@LDSWBR)
  38. Megan at Library Showgirl (@Ambishop19)
  39. Myke at Live and Learn
  40. Michelle, Ma Belle (@michellerigby)
  41. Annika at Munchkins and Manuscripts
  42. Angela at My Favorite Author (@MyFavAuthor)
  43. Aubrey at My Pile of Books (@AubreyatMPB)
  44. Janet at Newspaper Girl (@NewspaperGrl
  45. Melissa at One Librarian’s Book Reviews (@melissa1lbr)
  46. Becky at One Literature Nut (@mjmbecky)
  47. Megan at Po(sey) Sessions (@PoseySessions)
  48. Marc at Readerscape (@readerscape)
  49. Brenda at Reading Fairy Tales (@brendareviews)
  50. Gettsr at Reading List of a Book Pusher (@gettsr)
  51. Sharon from SherMeree’s Musings
  52. Alison from So Many Books, So Little Time (@utahalison)
  53. Enna Isilee at Squeaky Books (@Enna_Isilee)
  54. Mellisa and Shelley at Squeaky Clean Reads (@sqkycleanreads)
  55. Anna at TangognaT (@tangognat)
  56. Jackie at Teen Book Guide (@teenbookguide)
  57. Ingrid at The Blue Bookcase (@thebluebookcase)
  58. Jessica from The Bluestocking Society (@thebluestocking)
  59. Kika at The Book Bluff (@kikalatu)
  60. Lisa at The Bookworm’s Library (@bookwormslib)
  61. Penelope at The Reading Fever (@ReadingFever)
  62. Mellissa at The Reckless Reader (@Aelysium)
  63. Lorren at The Story Girl (@LLthestorygirl)
  64. Chantelle at There Is Always Something to Read
  65. Karen at Typing With My Toes (@karenmkrueger)
  66. Sheila at Why Not? Because I Said So! (@ssdawn2002)
  67. Verlina at What You Reading Now? (@SuperMomV)
  68. Sharla at WinterWrite (@WinterWrite)

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If you have a favorite book related website that you’d like me to add (that may not necessarily be a blog), please let me know.  See book club resources below.

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Book Club Lists & Resources

Author/Illustrator Websites

A representation of some of my favorite authors as well and the authors whom I’ve reviewed who have an online presence.  Yes, it’s alpha by first name.  Weird, huh?

Publisher Websites

Obviously not a comprehensive publisher directory, but rather the publishers in which I’ve received review copies from either them or indirectly from their authors.  If you think I’ve missed yours, do let me know.