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Author Recipes

author-recipesOne of my favorite things to do while interviewing authors is to ask them to either share a recipe from a food/meal that was featured in their books or a personal favorite. Later, I make the recipe, take photos, and blog about it! I honestly blame it all on Katherine Center when her main character was eating a delicious Mexican Tomato Lime soup and I seriously wanted to try it. When I asked Katherine for it, she said it was her favorite soup and I’m not kidding when I say it’s now mine! So now, I’ve collected all kind of recipes from your favorite authors!

Reader Recipes

I’ve also started to interview other readers! And of course, I continued with the whole ask for a recipe thing!

Month in Review


At the end of every month I summarize everything that happened on the Maw Books Blog.  This includes links to all my reviews, author interviews, blog posts, as well as general announcements and anything noteworthy.

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Reader Spotlights


I love to  know what types of readers my own blog readers are.  So I interview those who stop by my blog and learn everything about them!



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Video Chats


I’m doing vlogs !  I love getting in front of the camera and letting you into my home as I chat about books, reading, my family and whatever else I can think of.


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Keyword Fun


I always get a kick out of the different search terms that people use to come to the Maw Books Blog!  They are hilarious.  Check them all out!


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There are a ton of great bloggers out there who all love books!  This community is huge!  Peruse the following posts to find some fantastic bloggers!




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giveawaysI’ve given away a lot of books! Listed are all of my giveaway posts. Most all are closed, with perhaps the exception of the most recent post (but not always). I have started to announce contest winners within the thread of the contest post.


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