About Me

mawbooksIf you’re an author, publisher or publicist, feel free to contact me through my contact page where you will find my review submission guidelines as well as more details about the background of my blog.

Hi!  So you want to know more about me?  Here it is:  I love to read. I also have a weakness: I love to own great books. For some odd reason it gives me great satisfaction to see all the different titles bursting at the seams on the bookshelf. I immensely enjoy having a personal library

I live in Utah with my husband and two little boys age five and three.  They are on the go all the time and keep  me busy.  My husband, Taylor, is an animator and artist at heart and by way of occupation. He always has a pencil in hand either to sketch or to take notes for his screenplay, young adult fiction novel, and children’s book that he’s always working on (he’s already published a children’s picture book, check out his work at www.taylormaw.com).

I grew up in a few different parts of the country, Salt Lake City, Utah; Austin, Texas; and Chicago, Illinois to be specific. I came back to Utah to attend college and have been here ever since. Taylor and I married while in college.  After graduation we bought our first home, moved in and two weeks later had our first baby. Needless to say the house wasn’t near being unpacked, much less cleaned and painted as I thought I could do it all in a ridiculously small time frame (now that I read it again it sounds like everything happened in one swift movement, but actually the time span between getting married and having a baby is four years).

CameraAmong my other interests besides reading (my great escape from being a stay at home mom), I enjoy photography. I actually majored in photography and I had a great time in school doing what I loved.  One day I hope to be able to pull out my large format camera again and get full force back into it.

Natasha Garden ProduceI also love to garden! I love to get outside, feel the sun on my back and watch the transformation around me as I work. During the pregnancy and birth of my second son I accomplished one of my life goals: to become a Master Gardener. My next goal is to become an Advanced Master Gardener.

As a family we enjoy our time together by going to the library, festivals of any type, trying all kinds of different foods, watching movies, and vacations of any kind but we love Hawaii the best. Our dream vacation would be to Thailand.  I enjoy being a Mom to two wonderful sweet little boys, who melt my heart each day.

The Maw Books Blog is another passion of mine and a place to share with you my love of reading. I review every book I read, whether it be a picture book, a parenting book, a Middle Grade or YA book, fiction, memoir, non-fiction. You name it, I read it, I review it!

Happy reading!