Hashbrown Winters and the Mashimoto Madness by Frank L. Cole

Book Cover: Hashbrown WintersHashbrown Winters and the Mashimoto Madness by Frank L. Cole is the followup to The Adventures of Hashbrown Winters but I found one doesn’t need to read the first to understand the second.  This book is wonderfully strange, irreverent, funny, quirky, odd, and perfect for young boys who are reluctant readers.    Such a weird, weird, and oftentimes a very random book.

First let’s start with some of the character names: Hashbrown Winters, Brody the Ape Slayer, Snow Cone, Whiz (he has a bladder problem), Hummas Laredo, Butter Bibowski, Bubblegum, Four Hips, Pigeon, Gurgles Dunderland, Squeaky Mittons, Wish Bone Parker, Echo Rodriguez, Fibber Mckenzie, Measles, Yeti, McKean, Twinkles, Brandy Newspickle, Saddle Bags Bollinger, Cup o’ Noodle Hickock, Frosty John, Hambone, Teeter-Totter Williams.  Um . . . yeah.  Seriously not even kidding.  That alone should give you a taste of what kind of book this is.

Hashbrown has a lot of great friends and runs his treehouse club like a well oiled machine but when his arch enemy, Hi Mashimoto, starts his own rival treehouse club, Hashbrown is so jealous that he will do anything to prove that his treehouse is cooler than Mashimoto’s.  What he doesn’t expect is that Mashimoto will go to any length to secure his domination.

Kids will love the story, the antics, the stink bomb during school assembly, the prison out back of the school that holds all the bad kids, and the dungeon in the basement of Prudence Elementary.  Hashbrown Winters and the Mashimoto Madness is so random, so quirky that boys will eat it up.  Lots of strange humor and more than one potty joke.

But more than that, reminds me that reading is supposed to be fun.

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Genre:  Fiction, approx ages 9-12.
Publisher: Bonneville.  January 8, 2010
Paperback, 128 pages. ISBN 1599553783
Source copy: Review copy sent from author
Hashbrown Winters and the Mashimoto Madness is available from your favorite independent bookstore, Powell’s, and Amazon.


  1. I bet Vance would have loved this book and all those strange names!

    on September 2nd, 2010 at 8:23 am
  2. My son would have LOVED this book and I would have enjoyed reading it with him. Now that he’s 16 he’s not so interested in reading these days!

    on September 2nd, 2010 at 8:41 am
  3. That looks like a fun read! I bet my boys would have liked that when they were younger.

    on September 2nd, 2010 at 12:14 pm

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